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1) 1-1 Welcome to the Hellmouth
2) 1-2 The Harvest
3) 1-3 The Witch
4) 1-4 Teacher's Pet
5) 1-5 Never Kill A Boy On the First Date
6) 1-6 The Pack
7) 1-7 Angel
8) 1-8 I Robot, You Jane
9) 1-9 Puppet Show
10) 1-10 Nightmares
11) 1-11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight
12) 1-12 Prophecy Girl

Overall Season Storyline: * * * (out of 5 stakes)

Episodes with most Bite: 1 - The Pack; 2 - Welcome to the Hellmouth; 3 - Nightmares; 4 - Angel; 5 - Prophecy Girl.

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