HBP: Chapter 10 - The House of Gaunt

I'm curious to see what is all written in the Half-Blood Prince's potions book now knowing that it was Snapes. Anything else of importance written in it that we would interpret differenty knowing that Snape wrote it? Why didn't Snape keep the potions book? If it was as valuable as it looks to him you would think he would have taken better care of it.

Trelawney is out of her tower much more than usual this year. Should we be suspicious? What is she doing?

Why is Dumbledore telling us all this information about Voldemort now? Does he know what is going to happen? Did he leave anything out? He always claims that he is going to tell us everything but usually something important is left out. Remember a lot of what we are going to learn is speculation so it will be interesting to see how much of this information is correct. Are any of Dumbledore's guesses/theories wrong?

Dumbledore says "I make mistakes like the next man. In fact, being - forgive me - rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger." (197) What big mistakes have you made in your past Dumbledore? You seem offly fixated on Voldemort... was Tom one of your big mistakes? How much/what exactly did you teach him? Hopefully not everything he knows...

We visit the Riddle mansion again (from afar). Who owns it now? The book said it was someone rich... Could it be owned by the Malfoys? Is the Gaunt house still here too? Anything important still in either of the houses? Where is Voldemort staying? He's being very quiet this year... why does that make me more worried than if he was causing more trouble? What is he doing?

How convient is it that the one memory Dumbledore obtained has a scene where we get to see the whole Gaunt family and Riddle Sr. How did Dumbledore get this memory? How did he know about this incident? Did Ogden give the memory willingly?

I was dissapointed in how long it took Harry to catch onto who all the people in the memory were. Come on how many Marvolos and Tom Riddles are there out there?

How did Dumbledore get Marvolo's ring? Was it really in the Gaunt house? How was it protected? Why was Dumbledore wearing it when he and Harry visted Slughorn? Where is it now? It dissappears after this chapter.

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