HBP: Chapter 12 - Silver and Opals

This chapter focuses on the fact that Dumbledore is often away from Hogwarts this year. Where is Dumbledore? What is he doing? It is assumed that his absences are related to something that he is doing for the Order? Is there another reason? I am still highly disturbed by all this Polyjuice potion laying about.

Harry mentions that alot of the jinxes and hexes in the Prince's book were invented by the Prince himself. How does one invent a spell? Can anyone invent spells? Why was Snape inventing spells? What/who were the jinxes and hexes intended to be used upon and why? Does Snape notice that Harry is using the spells from his potions book? Has anyone had access to Snape's book? We saw James using the Levicorpus spell on Snape himself in OotP so Snape must have been very young when he invented it. I am worried about the Muffliato spell. There have been several times when someone has mentioned a strange buzzing noise. Any important conversations that we have missed because of this spell?

Harry mentions that: "...the Prince had proved a much more effective teacher than Snape so far." (239) Wonder how he will feel about this comment when he learns who the Prince really is?

Why won't Harry tell Ron and Hermione about the memory of Snape's that he saw in the Pensive in OotP? What would they think of that memory? Would they be able to provide any further insights into what that memory means?

With the increased security at Hogwarts why do the students still have to walk to Hogsmeade? It seems very unsafe. Everyone make it to town okay?

Does anyone realize who the bartender of the Hogs Head is? I have a strong suspicion that it is Albus Dumbledore's suposedly long-lost brother Aberforth Dumbledore. Bet it is very convenient to have a brother who works in the local pub. Might be one way Albus gets his information.

Where/when did you get Sirius' silver Mundungus? Was the silver the only stuff you took from Grimmauld Place? Did you take anything else from the house? Anything that looks like a silver locket that can't be opened possibly? How did Mundungus get away from Harry? Was it Tonks? Why would she be so protective of Mundungus? There was alot of stuff from Grimmauld Place that misteriously dissappeared. We assumed some of it was taken by Kretcher and it appears that Mundungus took some more of it. Were these the only 2 taking stuff from Grimmauld place?

Was the cursed necklace that Katie was holding the thing that Draco wanted Borgin to hold for him earlier in the book? Probably not. A necklace would have been easy enough to hide. What did Draco want Borgin to hold for him then? When did he go back for the necklace? How did he get it to Rosmerta if he was in detention with McGonagall in the castle. Way too convient that Harry, Ron and Hermione happened to be following Katie so she got help right away. Also way too convient that they ran into Hargrid quickly to get Katie to the hospital wing right away too. Pretty lame plan.

Why did McGonagall want the necklace taken to Professor Snape first? Wouldn't it have made more sense to get the necklace to Madam Pomfrey since she is the school nurse and she would need it to see what kind of curse had affected Katie?

Harry asks "But since when has Malfoy been one of the world's great thinkers?" (257) I have always suspected that Draco is much smarter than anyone gives him credit for. I think part of his hatrid toward Hermione lies in the fact that he would probably have the best grades in the class if not for her. Draco always does seem to be second best to one of the trio. I think it would be a BIG mistake to underestimate Draco's intelligence even if you don't like his family or personality.

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