HBP: Chapter 14 - Felix Felicis

JK released the titles for 3 chapters of this book before its release. Spinner's End, Draco's Detour and Felix Felicis. I assume that this means that something important happens in each of these chapters? Or they could just be big red herrings :)

The trio walk through a "weird mist" (279) that had returned on their way to herbology. What is causing this mist? Is it the dementors? Something else?

Those Snargaluff stumps are very interesting plants. Why must they collect those weird wiggling pale green worms from the Snargaluff pods? What do these trees do anyways? A lot of time is spent talking about them but we never really learn anything about them. Herminoe does look in her copy of "Flesh-Eating Tres of the World to find out how to break the pods.

Poor Harry always getting stuck inbetween Ron and Hermione's fights. Harry was worried that he could hear every word of their conversation but how many other people actually heard their conversation. He does make some good observations as to how a relationship between these 2 could affect the Trio's friendship. This fight sort of resembles the one they had after the Yule ball in GOF. I always thought it was obvious that these 2 would get together but I was surprised at how much it upset some fans.

Harry and Ron run into a small girl holding toadspawn. What is toadspawn anyways? What does it do? We run into it alot. It must be either Crabbe or Goyle playing lookout for Malfoy. Who was the small girl? Is it a student at Hogwarts? Where did Malfoy get the materials to use in the Polyjuice potion to change Crabbe and Goyle into these girls? Why all girls? Why not have them turn into other boys?

Harry is determined to "beat Draco Malfoy" (292) at Quidditch. Why is Harry so determined to beat just Draco and not Slytherin as a whole team? Does Draco care as much about beating Harry and Harry does about beating him? I think back in the earlier books it might have been equal but now I think that Draco has bigger problems than Harry to worry about. He has given up Quidditch for whatever mission he is on now. Must be something important to give up Quidditch. Will the victory be as important if Harry just beats Slytherin and not Draco too? Hmmm we also learn that Draco wasn't named captin of the Slytherin Quidditch team? Was it Dumbledore's decision? Was it similar to the reason that he didn't make Harry a prefect in OotP?

Why is the lucky potion called Felix Felicis? It seems like a strange name for a potion. Was it the name of the wizard who invented it? If it can actually bring someone luck why don't more wizards use it? Have we encountered anyone who has taken Felix in the past? What would have happend to Ron if Harry had actually given him the Felix before the match? Why did Hermione have no faith in Ron that he could actually play well without the potion?

UM is Crookshanks stalking Arnold the Pygmy Puff? Hope it doesn't turn out to be like when Crookshanks was obsessed with Scabbers...

Ron and Lavender Brown? okay..... Hermione doesn't take it well. She seems a little dangerous if she doesn't get her way. Why attack Ron with a bunch of little golden birds she had just conjured. Was it a premediated attack or spur of the moment?

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