HBP: Chapter 15 - The Unbreakable Vow

So is the unbreakable vow being referred to the one Snape and Draco's mother made earlier in the book or is there another unbreakable vow in this chapter. How many unbreakable vows are out there? Have we encountered anyone else who has made an unbreakable vow before? How does an unbreakable vow work exactly? How can someone be forced to fulfill one? What happens if you don't? Can someone make more than one unbreakable vow at a time? Can they contradict each other? If so would they cancel each other out? Is there a loophole or would the person be required to fulfill both vows?

Lots of mentions of Viktor Krum over the past few chapters. Mostly by a jealous Ron. So is Hermione still in contact with Viktor? When is the last time she heard from him? Saw him? What is he doing now? Will we see him again in 7? What role if any does he still have to play in the series? If Hermione was forced to choose who would she pick Viktor or Ron?

Fred and George's love potions seem to be quite dangerous. Should the twins be more careful about what they sell or who they sell to? They seem to have some pretty serious stuff being sold with little supervision over who is buying them or what they are doing with the stuff they buy. Also is it smart for the twins to offer to disguise their potions as perfumes or cough potions? Could they get in trouble if they get caught? They seem to be advertising it very openly yet no one thinks to check the stuff coming into the castle more thouroughly. Anything else potentialy dangerous getting snuck into the school disguised as something seemingly innocent?

Harry is glad Ron cannot perform Legilimency and see what he is dreaming about Ginny (306). Anyone else in the school (students/staff) able to see into Harry's mind using Legilimency. Should Harry have tried harder to learn Occlumency from Snape?

We learn about a human transfiguration lesson in this chapter. So people can change their appearance. I am assuming that this is something different than what Tonks can do to her appearance. That is scary. Can someone change their appearance permantly or do the spells wear off. Have we met anyone who had changed their appearnce by transfiguration? Why would they want to hide their identity?

Luna mentions Myrtle. What has Myrtle been up to? Should we be paying more attention to the ghost? We seem to run into her every other book. How much does Myrtle know? Should we be nicer to her or is she potentially dangerous since she knows about the trios use of polyjuice potion in COS?

Yay! Love Harry's choice of Luna as his date to Slughorn's party. So much better than that Romilda Vane character. Who is Romilda anyways? She scares me. Why haven't we seen her before? Thank to Peeves the whole school knew immediately about Harry asking Luna to the party. Peeves was fairly quiet this book. Why was he absent so much? Was it because Dumbledore was absent? Peeves is a very unusual creature is he more important than just a mischif maker? What does he know? Can he help the trio? Will he still be around in 7 if Dumbledore is gone?

So Hermione went to the party with Cormac to make Ron jealous. She even considered going with Smith. Why not just go with Draco and piss everyone off. Seeing how Cormac treated her this could have been a very dangerous decision on her part instead of just annoying to Ron. Hermione's judgement seems to drop dramatically and she can get really mean when Ron is involved.

Slughorm mentions yet again that Lily was very talented and instinctive at potions. He also starts to say something about Snape's ability at potions but never finishes. Snape and Lily in potions together? They must have knew each other very well the advanced potions classes seem very small. How well did they know each other? When does Snape realize that Harry has his old potions book? Is he suspicious as to why Harry suddenly improved at potions or does he already know why Harry got so good so quickly?

Filch tells Draco that "Didn't the headmaster say that nighttiem prowling's out unless you've got permission." (320) Who has permission to prowl at night? Harry? Anyone else? Why would a student have permission to prowl the school at night?

Why is Draco so unhappy and sick looking? Think he'd like the attention. Why was Snape looking at Draco "...as though both angry and... was it possible?... a little afraid?" (321) Why would Snape be afraid of Draco? Is it Draco himself he is afraid of or something associated with Draco or the knowledge of something yet to come because of the unbreakable vow?

When Harry finds Snape and Draco talking he comes into the middle of their conversation. What did we miss? Anything important? We learn that Draco can do Occlumency. Has he learned Legilamency as well? What else can Draco do that we are unaware of? Snape assumes that it was Bellatrix who taught him. Is Snape's assumption correct? When would she have been able to teach him? She's been in Azkaban until OotP and now shes in hiding. If it wasnt Bella who taught Draco? What is Draco hiding and from who is he hiding from? Daddy? Mom? Snape? Dumbledore? Voldemort? Who is Draco's master that Snape is referring to? Why is Snape so eager to talk to Draco and Draco so reluctant to talk to Snape. This conversation is meant to be taken one way (that Voldemort is Draco's master and everything being talked about is part of his plan) but the "he's" and "him's" and "masters" aren't specific and the conversation if read carefully can be interpreted several different ways. Are Snape and Draco working for Voldemort or the Order? This question might seem obvious to most of you but honestly I'm not sure myself.

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