HBP: Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises

What exactly is a Horcrux? Why do so few wizards know about them and how come it is so difficult to get information about them? Wouldn't that make them very difficult to control, or deal with if they are made if no one knows about them or how to destroy one? Are they products of Dark Magic like Hermione guesses or something else? How did Riddle learn of them? How did he know to ask Slughorn? How did Slughorn learn about Horcruxes and why did he tell Tom about them? How many wizards have made a Horcrux? Anyone we know?

Today in Potions class we learn about Golpalott's Third Law and Scarpin's Revelaspell. As Hermione tells us "Golpalott's Third Law states that the antidote for a blended potion will be equal to more than the sum of the antidote for each of the separate components" (374). Huh? Must be important if JK is teaching us about it. How come Hermione seems to understand when no one else seems to be following what Slughorn is saying? Is she the only one who understands this potions stuff?

Harry comes across this written in the HBP's book: "Just shove a bezoar down their throats" (377) Where have we heard this before????... Go back to PS and think really hard... Before this I had suspicions as to who the HBP was but this sealed it for me...

Harry says that he wouldn't dare try using the bezoar to solve the Golpatt problem infront of Snape. How would Snape have taken it? Would he have been angry? Impressed? He did tell us about the bezoar and its powers in his opening speach in PS. I suspect it would be along the impressed lines but I dont know if he would show it or not... Maybe if Draco did it... but would Draco have the balls to do it? He seems more like a play by the book kind of guy...

Slughorn tells Harry that using the bezoar reminded him of something that Lily might have done. Would Lily have known about the bezoar and used it instead of mixing an antidote? Did she do something like this? Is that where Snape got the idea? Why was Draco so upset? Did he think of the bezoar too and was mad that he didn't think of using it like Harry did? Was it because Harry has been stalking him throughout this book? Something else?

When Harry asks Slughorn about Horcruxes he reminds himself "irresistibly of Voldemort" (379) Irresistably? So many connections between you and Tom Harry... How did Tom do in potions anyways?... Could the Prince's book have been Tom's before it was Snapes?...

The only mention of a Horcrux that Hermione could find in the library said: "Of the Horcrux, wickedest of magical inventions, we shall not speak nor give direction..." (381) Sounds a lot like how wizards speak about Voldemort or 'He Who Must Not Be Named'

Why were Draco and Crabbe arguing before the apparation lesson? Where was Goyle? What was so important to discuss in front of all those people instead of waiting for when the conversation could take place privately. Why was Snape so annoyed when McGonagall reprimanded Draco? Was it because Draco was being rude as Harry suspects or something else? Wasn't Harry worried that someone would notice him running across the Hall to stand directly behind Draco and Crabbe?

Ooohhhh how exciting Apparating lessons. Remember the 3 Ds... Destination! Determination! and Deliberation!

Uh Ron? Where did you get those Chocolate Cauldrons? Why did you keep them Harry knowing that they were most likely laced with love potion by romalida vane? Slughorn informs us that love potions can go out of date. Do the twins know this? They do seem to have some potentially dangerous materials that they are selling in their stores.

Good thing Harry was there and had just learned about antidotes and bezoars to save ron. Why didn't Slughorn notice that anything was wrong with Ron or the mead right away? When he did why did he do nothing to help Ron? Conveninet that Slughorn had that the bezoar with him and didn't leave it the potions room. A little too convient?

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