HBP: Chapter 2 - Spinner's Web

Oh what terrible webs we weave when at first we do decieve.... is someone spinning us a tale and not telling us the whole truth?

Bellatrix doesn't trust Snape. She gave us some reasons but are they the only reasons she doesn't trust him? Did she really buy his explanations? I'm not sure I did. It seemed a little rehearsed and he kept getting impatient whenever she kept asking more questions beyond the answers he gave.

A rat and a Snape? I think this is the only time we see Peter during this book. What is he doing with Snape? Snape says The Dark Lord placed Wormtail with him to assist him (23). Assist Snape doing what? It is never clarified. Peter's missing right hand is emphasized. Who else is having problems with his right hand in this book? Is there a connection? Just a conincidence?

There seems to be a lot of hidden doors in Snape's house. Anything/one else hiding there?

I bet Snape would be really proud of himself if he could outwit the most accomplished Legilimens the world has ever seen.

Snape states that his greatest value to The Dark Lord is the fact that Dumbledore has never stopped trusting him (31). Wouldn't it also be true that Snape's greatest value to Dumbledore is the fact that The Dark Lord has never really stopped trusting him either?

"My son... my only son..." (33,35) Narcissa refers to Draco as her only son not only child. JK is very particular about her use of words. Does it mean that Draco has/had a sister or half-sister? If you think about it we really do not know much about the Malfoys...

Snape usually but not always refers to Voldemort as The Dark Lord. So when he tells Narcissa that "He intends me to do it in the end, I think. But he is determined that Draco should try first." (34) The 'HE" can actually be interpreted as refering either to Voldemort or Dumbledore.

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