HBP: Chapter 21 - The Unknowable Room

Sounds like an interesting essay Ron (or Roonil Wazlib) was writing on dementors (or dugbogs). Interesting the charms wear off on the twin's merchandise? Instead of just spelling words wrong the failing Spell Check quills write completely different words. How come Ron didn't notice sooner that everything he was writing was wrong. What happens to the other merchandise when the charms start to wear off?

Hmmm.... spilled ink... another reference to COS? In COS Harry (with Draco's help) learns how to use Riddle's diary... here the elf tails are giving us a report on Draco... any connections?

Why is Kretcher referring to Draco as his Master and Narcissa as his Mistress? Wasn't he the Black family house elf? Dobby acts very strange when talking about Draco. Why call him a "bad boy" (451) when Dobby later goes on to say that "the Malfoy boy is breaking no rules that Dobby can discover, but he is still keen to avoid detection." (452) Does Draco know that he is being followed if he is keen to avoid detection? From the report that we are given there is really no justification for calling Draco a "bad boy"... does Dobby know something that he isn't telling us? If Dobby is really free of the Malfoys why does he nearly jump into the fire and have trouble saying bad things about the family? Could Draco still give Dobby orders and have him obey him if he wanted to? Could he order Dobby to not say anthing nice about him or his family to Harry? Why are those "great orblike eyes shining in the firelight"? (452) What aren't you telling us Dobby? Why don't I trust you? Finally Harry cuts off Dobby's report... did Dobby not get to or conviently not tell us something important?

Harry suspects that Draco stole some of Slughorn's Polyjuice potion to change Crabbe and Goyle into other people as they stand guard for him outside the Room of Requirement. Is that guess correct? If he could steal the Polyjuice potion why not steal some of the Felix Felicis he so depseratly wanted to win too? Did he make it himself? Seems talented enough at potions to be able to pull it off. Again Slughorn's potions are mentioned? Is anyone else stealing potions or Polyjuice potion from him? Would he notice?

Harry quickly comes up with a good theory about what Draco has been doing. Remember it is only speculation at this point although most readers will automatically go along with whatever Harry says or thinks... anything wrong with his theory?

Ron says: "Wish I could Disapparate like a house-elf" (455). But remember Ron Hermione has told us several times that no one can Apparate or Disapparate inside Hogwarts castle... so how can house elves or Fawkes appear and disappear inside the castle? Are they not truly Apparating or Disapparating?

Oh god the obsession continues... poor Draco... no wonder why you don't like Harry... glad he didn't accept your offer of friendship in PS?

Thats an odd dream you have Harry... Draco turning into Slughorn... turning into Snape... does it mean anything?

Why aren't you more worried about what Draco is doing Hermione? You're acting a lot like Dumbledore lately Hermione... discouraging Harry's obsession with Draco to focus instead on getting the memory from Slughorn... convient that Draco was not in the Room of Requirement as Harry is trying to get into it... a little too convient? Did Dobby tip Draco off to Harry's actions?

Ron and Harry escape from Lavender in one of the boys bathrooms... Ron stares into a cracked mirror... which bathroom was this? There are a lot a mirrors in the last few books... and we know that mirrors can be used as a communication device (the mirror Sirius gave Harry in OotP)... Voldemort has a cracked mirror that he looks into occasionally (ootp i think?)... any connection?

We keep hearing about her and we finally run into Myrtle... she says that she was waiting for "him " to come back cause "he" said he'd come back to see her... how long ago wa this promise made... what did she talk to this "him" about? She also said they had "lots in common" (462)... what could a Hogwarts student and Myrtle possibly have in common?... she says "he's sensitive, people bully him too, and he feels lonely and hasn't got anybody to talk to, and he's not afraid to show his feelings and cry" (462)... Are Ron and Harry scaring him away? From later happenings we can guess that this "him" is Draco. Why has he been crying? Was it only this year or from years past too? Was it only once or several times? When did he first meet Myrtle?... What do we know about Myrtle again? Should Harry and Ron have been nicer to Myrtle over the years... does she know something important?... has she told Draco anything important?

Uh... what is Tonks doing wandering about the castle? Convient (a little too convient?) she ran into Harry? Was she checking up on Draco? She says she wanted to talk to Dumbledore... about what? If she knows where Dumbledore's office is why is she up by the Room of Requirement? Very suspcisious... why are you really here Tonks? Why are you so concerned about her Hermione? Do you know what is going on?

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