HBP: Chapter 22 - After the Burial

Why had Slughorn suppressed his memory of his conversation with Tom about the horcruxes? Is it the only important memory Slughorn possess or does he know something else that will be important? If Slughorn has suppressed the memory for so long how did Dumbledore find out about it? Did Tom tell him?

We learn that Aragog has died. (Another COS reference) How did the giant spider die? Was it of natural causes? Was he murdered? Why would someone want to kill a giant spider? What will happen with the rest of the tribe now that he is gone? Why is Hagrid encouraging the trio to be out of the castle at night when he knows it might be dangerous for them? Is he that distraught or is there another reason? The other spides seem like they will be difficult to control without Aragog's presence? Should we be more worried about the spiders?

All Harry had to do to get the memory from Slughorn was to take the Felix Felicis? Why couldn't Dumbledore have done that? Convient that Horace had that contest at the beginning of the year and convient that Harry won the potion... a little too convient? Bet Slughorn wouldn't have mixed the Felix Felicis if he knew that Harry and Dumbledore would use it against him to get the memory he tried to suppress for so long...

So many bad things are happening to Hogwarts students' relatives that I can't keep track of them all... should we be paying more attention to these stories? As Ron says: "I'm losing track of what's happening to everyone's relatives, to be honest." (473) Anything important that we are missing if we don't keep track of all these side occurances? Should we be paying more attention to them?

Harry notes that Draco looks thinner, paler and his skin has a grayish tinge. He also observes that "there was no air of smugness, excitement, or superiority; none of the swagger... There could be only one conclusion, in Harry's opinion: The mission, whatever it was, was going badly." (474) Is your theory correct Harry? Is that what is wrong with Draco? Is he worried about this mission you think he has or is it something else that Draco is worried about?

Slughorn starts to say something about Harry's potion making skills but stops and later adds that it must be his mother's genes. What were you going to say Slughorn... what stopped you? For some reason I doubt it was about Lily. You've taught Snape Horace... noticing any similarites between Harry's potions and Snape's potions (or another former student's potions) as a student?

How does this Felix Felicis stuff work? Is it possible to just take a small dose and get a couple of hours of luck or do you have to take the whole dose at once? Why don't more wizards use this stuff? Are there side effects? Does the potion change the course of events or just guide the person to make decisions that will be most beneficial to them? Did the potion cause Ron and Lavendar and Ginny and Dean to break up or were those just convient conincidences? Can Slughorn or any wizard tell when someone has taken Felix Felicis?

So what did you do with Aragog' venom and the unicorn hair Slughorn? Seem very opportunistic... should you have shared some of the profits with Hagrid? It was his property first... Slughorn seems to have a lot of knowledge about the illegal trade of dragon eggs... why would he know about that? Is it just about the money or have you been doing some illegal activities during your time Slughorn?

Hagrid mentions Harry's parents and their deaths... it seems like he know more than he is telling us... what do you know Hagrid? Slughorn also seems to know something but doesn't tell us? Is there something important we should know about Lily and James and their deaths that Hagrid and Slughorn know that we dont? Lily's and Harry's eyes are mentioned again... why are they so important?

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