HBP: Chapter 24 - Sectumsempra

Were Ron's and Lavender's and Ginny's and Dean's break ups a side effect of the Felix Felicis or did they happen all on their own?

Do Ron and Hermione know about Harry's interest in Ginny? Harry seems to think that Ron would be upset if he started dating his sister but is that true? It seems like Ron was hiting that Harry and Ginny should get together at the end of OotP. How do the rest of the Weasleys think about this? What do they think about Ron and Hermione?

Convient Katie came back so we didn't have to see how Ginny and Dean's break up would affect the Quidditch team... Katie tells us that someone put the Imperius curse on her. So was it the cursed necklace or the Imperius curse that caused all the problems? We assume that it was a woman who put the curse on Katie because she said that she had gone into the women's room when it happened. This could be a misleader... it could have been a male or a male in disguise or under the influnce of Polyjuice potion as Harry points out. So who cursed Katie and why did they curse her? Is she still under the Imperius curse? Could we tell if she was?

Once again we are reminded of the cauldron of Polyjuice potion Slughorn left in the potions room. Got to keep a watch our for imposters. Harry again assumes that Draco has stolen some of the potion but is he correct? Is Draco the only one who had the opportunity or inclination to steal polyjuice potion? If Draco had stolen the potion why didnt he steal any of the Felix Felicis he worked so hard to win? Could Draco have brewed his own Polyjuice potion for Crabbe and Goyle and someone else was responsible for stealing from Slughorn's batch? Who would want to steal Polyjuice potion instead of making it themselves? What would they want to use it for?

If Draco was lonely enough at school to befriend a ghost would he have been lonely enough at home to befriend a house elf?

How long have Draco and Myrtle known each other? Did they just meet this year or have they known each other from before? How did they meet? What have they talked about? I always suspected that Draco wasn't as tough as he let on. Probably due to the fact that he is a Gemini. We usually only see the tough part of his personality we finally get to see more of who Draco is...

Draco says to Myrtle: "I can't do it... I can't... It won't work... and unless I do it soon... he says he'll kill me..." (522) Do what? Fix the Vanishing cabinet? Kill Dumbledore? Who are you afraid will kill you? Voldemort is the obvious answer but that might be a little too obvious. Draco is probably going to be killed by Voldemort whether he succeeds or not since Voldy thing is not very happy with Lucius. So who is this 'he' Draco is referring to? Daddy? Snape? Someone else?... That cracked mirror is seen again...

Are you really that bad a shot Draco or are you missing Harry on purpose? Harry is the only one to land a spell and it nearly kills Draco. So whos the bully now Harry? It sounded like Draco was about to use the Crutatious curse on Harry? Would the spell actually have worked if Draco could have finished it or was he just using it in an attempt to intimidate Harry? Waaaayyyy too convient that Snape was right there, that he knew the curse Harry had used and was able to mend and save Draco so quickly. What was Snape doing anyways? Keeping an eye on Draco? Why would he be doing that? What did Snape think when he saw that Harry had use the Sectumsempra spell on Draco?

Did Snape realize that Harry brought him Ron's potion book instead of the Prince's? Probably Snape isn't that gullible. Does he know where Harry hid the book? Will we need it again? Are there more secrets we haven't found yet in the potions book? Will anyone else find it? Is there anything else of importance hidden in the storeroom version of the Room of Requirement?

Why are you so protective of the book and the Prince Harry even after seeing what some of the spells in the book were capable of? What will you think when you learn who the prince really is? Will you still be as protective of the book and the Prince then? Who wrote the Sectumsempra spell in the potions book? Was it Snape? Someone else? Why did he write it in the book? Was he planning to use it on someone? Had he seen it be used on someone? When did he write it in the book? When he was still at Hogwarts? After he left Hogwarts?

Should Harry have paid more attention to the records Snape was having him work on in detention? Was the punishment just to show Harry some of the bad things his father and Sirius did at Hogwarts or was there another reason? Why so quiet today Snape? An unusually small amount of rude and mean comments about Harry, James and Sirius today. Something else on your mind Snape?

I don't like all these references to a creature in Harry's chest when he thinks about Ginny. Reminds me a little too much of his connection with Voldemort in Ootp. Hope the creature isn't a snake...

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