HBP: Chapter 25 - The Seer Overheard

Harry and Ginny? Okaayyyy.... personally I never reallly saw it coming. I guessed about Ron and Hermione but never really foresaw this pairing... okay... whatever... I'm ambivilant... heroes can never have a normal romantic relationship anyways...

Harry is worried that Snape is looking for the Prince's potions book. If he really wanted it that badly he should have taken better care of it in the first place! Is the book still in the room of requirement? Will someone else find it? What other secrets could it hold? Did Snape really invent the Sectumsempra spell or was it someone else's spell? Snape must have used it or been around someone who used it before since he know immediately what spells to use on Draco to heal him so quickly...

Hermione gives us a possibility of who the half blood prince could be... a girl named Eileen Prince. Why would you suspect that this girl is involved from the article you have Hermione? Inuition? Some more information you arent telling us? Is her theory correct? Should we pay more attention to this theory? Her theories could be important when we learn who the Half Blood Prince really is...

Is Snape purposefully trying to keep Harry and Ginny apart? Why would he want to do this? Is he jealous? Is he just being mean and knows this will make Harry angry? Could there be another reason for Snape's actions?

We assume that it was Draco who was the person inside the room of requirement that Trelawney heard talking. Are we correct? If it wasn't Draco who else could it have been? Odd no lookouts today Draco? Did Crabbe and Goyle finally abandon you? If so why now? Trelawney at Harry's prompting makes it sould like whoever it was was celebrating something. If it was Draco what was he celebrating? Was it because he fixed the cabinet or something else? Was he alone or was someone else with him?

Should we pay more attention to Trelawney's warnings? The lightining-stuck tower will prove to be important... Why would Dumbledore ignore Trelawney? Does he just think she is a fraud or does he already know what she is going to say and doesnt want to hear it?

Does Trelawney realize that she gave Dumbledore the prophecy about Voldemort?

So much for telling us everything Dumbledore. Why didnt you tell us that Snape was the one who overheard the prophecy? Did you keep it a secret for a reason? What else havent you told us Dumbledore? Do you know what happened the night Harry's parents died? How did Snape know to listen at the door at the right time to hear the prophecy? Did he hear the prophecy correctly? Did he realay the prophecy exactly as he heard it or did it change in translation? Was Snape to one to deliver the prophecy to Voldemort himself or did he tell someone else who told Voldemort? Are all of Harry's theories about how Voldemort learned about the prophecy correct or his he wrong about anything important?

Does Dumbledore realize that he will need Harry to get to this Horcrux? Is that why he is inviting him along? How would he know that it would take two people to get the Horcrux before he went to the cave? Intuition? Someone tell him? Who? Something else?

How did Dumbledore know that Harry was "...never a good Occlumens..." (547) Did Snape tell him this? Does he know this from his own attempts to read Harry's mind? When and how many times have you read Harry's mind? Are you reading Harry's mind right now? What do you see Dumbledore?

Temper temper Harry... we are reverting to last year's behaviors... should we be worried? Is someone uninvited observing this? For some reason I highly doubt that Voldemort won't use his connection with Harry to eavesdrop on Dumbledore... what is Voldemort doing this year? He's far tooooo quiet... why does that scare me more than when hes more active?

Why was Snape so "remorseful" when he learned how Voldemort interpreted the prophecy? (549) Why did Dumbledore tell Harry that he thought it was the greatest regret of Snape's life? He appeared to hate James and presumably Lily Potter so why would he regret their deaths so much? There has to be more you aren't telling us Dumbleore? What is it? Do we have enough information to guess on our own?

Before leaving Dumbledore makes Harry promise to obey any command he might give him at once without question (550). Sort of an odd request. What do you expect to happen tonight Dumbledore? Is Harry the only one with this condition that they promise to obey you toinght? Why ask Harry to go back to him room to get his Invisibility cloak when you had previously made him promise to keep it on him at all times? Is there something else you are hoping (expecting?) him to do before you leave?

Did anyone see Dumbledore apparating infront of the Hogs Head? We know we ran in to Rosemerta and one of her customers. If he was seen was it an accident or planned?

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