HBP: Chapter 26 - The Cave

If this cave is as difficult to enter as it appears how did the boy Tom Riddle find it? How did he get 2 other orphans to enter the cave with him? Did he have prior knowledge of the cave? If so how? Was he drawn to it for some reason? What could that reason possibly be? He sensed that the cave was magical? How did Dumbledore find the cave? How did he know that it was the cave that Tom had brought the 2 orphans into years before? What did Tom do to those orphans years ago? Did he just terrify them or did he do something more to them? Is there any way to find out for sure? Where are these orphans now? Are they still alive? Do they hold any memories of that day that could be important? Did Tom/Voldemort (any other wizards) only use the cave to terrify the 2 orphans and store his horcrux or has the cave served other purposes for him over the years? Is there any way to tell? Was the cave set up this way naturally or did Tom/Voldemort (another wizard) alter it to fit their needs?

And how does Dumbledore expect Harry to hunt down the rest of the Horcruxes on his own? Here Dumbledore is doing very complex and advanced magic that Harry is completely baffled by in order to just find the entrances to another chamber that holds the Horcrux and Harry cant even do a simple spell to dry off his clothing...

"I said it was crude", said Dumbledore, who sounded disdainful even disappointed, as though Voldemort had fallen short of the standards Dumbledore expected." (559) Odd... why so upset and disappointed by Voldemorts protections for his horcruxes Dumbledore? Sounds like you expected something better or more advanced... did you teach him better and upset that he didnt listen to you better? "Once again, Lord Voldemort fails to grasp that there are much more terrible things than physical injury." (559) True, Dumbledore but should you discount the fear and power of physical injury entirely? For some people physical injury is pretty terrifying. Starting to sound just as stubborn as Voldemort about his dislike of spells surrounding love...

"After me, I think," said Dumbledore..." (560) Huh? What do you think Dumbledore?

Feels like we should be in Greece. Are we entering Hell? In Greek myth to enter Hades realm of Hell one had to cross a river (the river Styx I believe) filled with the spirits of the dead. These spirits were jealous of the living and would try and pull the living into the waters with them if anyone living touched the water. We have the boat but where is its driver Charon? Any 3 headed dogs named Cyrabus around? What happened to Fluffy anyways? Should we look at the myths of Orpheus or Hercules? They are the only 2 myths I can name off the top of my head dealing with living people entering Hades. Do they hold any clues for book 7?

"Magic alwys leaves traces," said Dumbledore, as the boat hit the bank with a gentle bump, "sometimes very distinctive traces. I taught Tom Riddle. I know his style." (563) How much did you teach him Dumbledore? Hopefully not everything he knows...

This seems a little too easy to get to this Horcrux... could this be a trap? Seem a little too calm Dumbledore (and cheerful?, 567)... do you know what is coming?

Why would Voldemort be afraid of the dark and bodies/death like Dumbledore suggests? If these are thing that Voldemort "secretly fears" (566) why would Dumbledore know about them?

How convient (?) you brought Harry Dumbledore. Did you know you would need him. It seems impossible to get to this Horcrux and destroy it alone. How come I doubt it was a mere coincidence that Dumbledore decided to bring Harry on this mission to destroy a Horcrux? How would/could Dumbledore have known? Did someone else come here before and fill him in on the details?

Uh... what is this emerald liquid stuff emitting a phosphorescent glow... I hope we dont have to drink it... could it be poisionous? Dumbledore doubts it will kill him but how can we be sure? How do you know so much about what Voldemort thinks and wants to accomplish with his traps and protections for his Horcruxes? Did Dumbledore know he would need Harry to get past this part of Voldemorts defenses? How would he have known?

Strange things said by Dumbledore while drinking the green liquid. Are they merely the ramblings of a sick man or do they mean something more? Is he just talking about drinking the green liquid as it seems or do the words hold deeper meaning about something else? What is this green stuff doing to Dumbledore? What is it exactly? Why does Dumbledore keep his eyes closed throughout the process of drinking the liquid? Does he now want us to see his eyes? What would happen if we saw his eyes? Would we see something we shouldnt?

"The protection was... after all... well-designed," said Dumbledore faintly. "One alone could not have done it.." (577) Remember this quote when we finally open the locket. The Horcrux could not have been reached and destroyed alone. How did you know Dumbledore? Are they all like this?

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