HBP: Chapter 6 - Draco's Detour

First let me explain that I've had a soft spot for Draco since I first saw Jason Isaacks as Lucius Malfoy in CoS. It's not that I think that Draco is a good person (look at his family he doesn't have a chance of that) it's more that I pity him and for some odd reason that has made him strangely endearing to me. If you notice Draco is all talk and very little action, usually knows more about what is going on than anyone else, and always second best. I think there is much more to our blond hair little foe than meets the eye.

Ron has an odd sense of humor. When he's serious he's usually wrong but if he makes a joke about something it usually turns out to be correct. So should we be more concerned when he says: "Mum, d'you honestly thing You-Know-Who's going to be hiding behind a bookshelf in Flourish and Blotts?" (107) Where is Voldy-thing hiding out these days? Bet no one would think to check places like Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade or Hogwarts.

Several times in this chapter we are led to infer that Draco has been branded with the Dark Mark but we never actully find out if he really has been or if we are just jumping to conclusions and being manipulated by JK's words.

Notice that Harry is as quick to instigate a fight as Draco is. The words that Harry chooses to use when speaking to Narcissa and Draco are as mean and purposely hurtful as those that Draco uses. There are many more similarities between Harry and Draco than either might like to admit.

The Weasley twin's joke shop seems to be doing really well. Do they sell to everyone? Anything they sell that is potentially dangerous? Hermione is still impressed by their use of magic so we know it must be pretty advanced. I was really surprised by their more serious line of merchandise. Do they advertise this line and sell it to everyone or is it just for special customers like Harry and the Ministry?

Was Draco's trip to Borgin and Burkes his only stop while he was alone or did he go somwhere else? How did he get away from Narcissa? She seems very possessive and protective of her only son. From the conversation we hear Draco wants to know how to fix something (most likely the vanishing cabinet) and wants Borgin to hold something for him (possibly the necklace? but that would have been easy to conceal, could have been something else). I was a bit confused as to why Draco was so concerned about keeping his trip to Knockturn Alley a secret from his mom. She apparelty knows about his mission so why would he feel the need to keep anything associated with his mission a secret from her?

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