Harry Potter Theories: Half Blood Prince

1) Chapter 1 - The Other Minister
2) Chapter 2 - Spinner's End
3) Chapter 3 - Will and Won't
4) Chapter 4 - Horace Slughorn
5) Chapter 5 - An Excess of Phlegm
6) Chapter 6 - Draco's Detour
7) Chapter 7 - The Slug Club
8) Chapter 8 - Snape Victorious
9) Chapter 9 - The Half Blood Prince
10) Chapter 10 - The House of Gaunt
11) Chapter 11 - Hermione's Helping Hand
12) Chapter 12 - Silver and Opals
13) Chapter 13 - The Secret Riddle
14) Chapter 14 - Felix Felicis
15) Chapter 15 - The Unbreakable Vow
16) Chapter 16 - A Very Frosty Christmas
17) Chapter 17 - A Sluggish Memory
18) Chapter 18 - Birthday Surprises
19) Chapter 19 - Elf Tales
20) Chapter 20 - Lord Voldemort's Request
21) Chapter 21 - The Unknowable Room
22) Chapter 22 - After the Burial
23) Chapter 23 - Horcruxes
24) Chapter 24 - Sectumsempra
25) Chapter 25 - The Seer Overheard
26) Chapter 26 - The Cave
27) Chapter 27 - The Lightning Struck Tower
28) Chapter 28 - Flight of the Prince
29) Chapter 29 - The Phoenix Lament
30) Chapter 30 - The White Tomb

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In honor of 2006 being the year JK Rowling writes the last Harry Potter book I thought I would do some theorizing about what might happen. I will start with HBP because there is alot already written about the first five books. While I might develop some theories mostly I will point out things that struck my attention in each chapter and pose questions. I warn you that I am not a book purist. The only reason I came into the series is because Ralph Fiennes was cast as Voldemort so I don't hold any loyalities towards any characters or books. I know I have some pretty odd ideas about the series because I have such an outsiders perspective on it. Remember this is all in fun so if I say anything you don't like about a character it was not done intentionally. All page numbers will reference the US hardcover edition. ENJOY!!!

The following theories represent many of the thoughts and ideas I had while reading the HP books. Imbedded in my thoughts are several theories brought forth by others. Unfortunately I do not always remember which theories were mine originally and which arose from an outside source. Most of the theories presented are a combination of my own and others. I apologize if I forget to cite where an idea came from originally. Most likely the idea originated from a variety of sources and I am not sure where I heard the idea first. No stealing of ideas were intended the following theories are just meant to be fun and thought provoking musings based on JK Rowling's books.

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