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02-02-07: Finally! An update! I just changed computers a few months back and I was having some coding problems that needed to be fixed. I think we are almost done with the switch. There might be some broken links or missing pages until I get the site fixed. Hopefully things will be up and running smoothly soon!

9-07-06: Half Blood Prince theories are now completed. Also added theories for the first 5 chapters of Philosopher's Stone.

6-04-06: Holy Crap I am doing an update! How exciting. I decided to add a section based on the Harry Potter series. Its very much in the initial construction stages but hopefully there will be sections containing quotes from the movies and books and some images. Right now I am working on adding some of my musings and theories from my blog so they are easier to find and read. Hopefully I will do an update to the gallery section too since I actually have a digital camera now!.

6-02-04: Added Quotes for last episode of Angel Season 5 Not Fade Away.

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