PS: Chapter 1 - The Boy Who Lived

How did Petunia and Lily get to have such different personalities? The one a wizard and the other so completely normal she is probably just as strange. Why does Petunia get so upset at just the mention of Lily's name? Is there a bigger reason than we are aware of? How did Lily get to have magical powers and Petunia not? Will Petunia ever display magical ability? Is Petunia as paranoid and afraid of the magical world as it seems or is it just an act? Over the series she accidentally lets slip that she knows more about the magical world than she lets on (her knowledge of dementors in POA and her correspondences with Dumbledore in HBP).

Our story starts on Halloween day 10/31/1981 and the day after 11/1/1981. Doubt it will prove to be important but good to know anyways. You'll notice that Haloween is not a good holiday for Harry...

All these strange occurances that Mr. Dursley runs into on his way to work are quite odd. Cats reading maps and road signs (presumably McGonagall), weird people in cloaks (Vernon does get hugged by someone who seems alot like Professor Flitwick), lots of owls, shooting stars... the magical world wasn't careful on this day. Seems out of character... what did Voldemort do to the wizarding world? We know so little... Sorta sounds like the 7 signs of the appocalypse with owls instead of locusts... but that was supposed to be a bad thing while Voldemort's supposed defeat was supposed to be something good right?

Hah the newsmen mention Guy Fawkes day (Bonfire Night) in chapter 1. Why not mention Guy Fawkes at this point? Dont want us to connect to Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes when we meet him in CoS? Again when I find mentions of Fawkes I wonder if there are any conspiracies afoot... (6)

FYI the name Albus Dumbledore means White Bumblebee. Albus is latin for white and Dumbledore is Old English for Bumblebee.

Lots of glasses in these books and they all have different shapes. Harry's are round, Dumbledore's are half-moons and McGonagall's are square we are told in this chapter. (9)

Dumbledore says that the wizarding world has "...had precious little to celebrate for 11 years." (10) So we can assume that Voldemort had power over this world from 1970 - 1981. What happened in British history during this time? What did he do during this time? Make them listen to disco?... thats pretty scary...

What all did Dumbledore write in his letter to the Dursleys the night he left Harry on their doorstep? Must have been very convincing after seeing Petunia's obvious dislike for her sister to make her take in Harry and keep him for all these years. Will we ever see the contents of this letter?

For people who like details this very brief conversation made my day (since I had already saw PoA the movie and knew who Sirius was) though it was probably missed cause the person it referrs to doesnt appear until 2 books later: "Hagrid", said Dumbledore, sounding relieved. "At last. And where did you get that motorcycle?" "Borrowed it, Professor Dumbledore, sir," said the giant, climbing carefully off the motorcycle as he spoke. "Young Sirius Black lent it to me." (14) Knowing what happens in POA this information will prove to be important...

So where did you get your scar of the London Underground on your left knee Dumbledore? What did you mean when you said "Scars can come in handy?" (15) Do you know something you aren't telling us Dumbledore?

Uh... is it really safe to leave young Harry unguarded all night outside the Dursley's house? Was someone we didn't see watching over him?

The night Harry's parents died is probably the most important moment in the entire series and it is one of the things we know the least about. Some questions I have about that night included: how did Dumbledore know about what happened inside the house when James and Lily died? Does he know for sure? Is he making assumptions? Is everything he tell us correct? Is Dumbledore wrong about any of the events of that night?; Godric's Hollow any relation to Godric Gryffindor?; how did a small child like Harry defeat such a powerful wizard like Voldemort? it just doesnt make sense...; We assume that Voldemort went to the Potter's house to kill Harry... are we correct? Could he have gone to the Potter's house for any other reasons?; We assume it was Voldemort who killed James and Lily but are we correct if we believe the story only Voldemort was there to know for sure and we know he can lie very convincingly; Was Voldemort alone that night or was someone with him (like Wormtail or Snape) how would that change our perception of that night?; If Harry's parents were killed on Halloween night why is Hagrid bringing Harry to the Dursleys the night after? We are missing an entire day... what happened during this day? Where was Harry? Who was looking after him?; Harid tells us that the Potter's "house was almost destroyed" (15). From what we know of that night there seems to be no real reason why the house should have any damage... so what happened to the Potter's house that nearly destroyed it?

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