PS: Chapter 3 - The Letters From No One

How convient that Dudly didnt want to get the mail this day. What would have happened if Harry had never seen his letter from Hogwarts? Could the Dursleys have hidden this from Harry forever or would he have found out eventually anyways? What would have happened if Harry had opened the letter in the hall before the Dursleys saw it and took it away? How did the letter get delivered with the regular mail anyway? Was it delivered by an owl? The mailman? Does the mailman know about Hogwarts? Obviously Dumbledore knows about how the Dursleys have been treating Harry with the letter address to Mr. H. Potter The Cupboard under the Stairs... how does he know? Does he have spies? Some way to see into the house? Why hasnt he interfered before this?

How much do the Dursleys know about the magical world. Neither seems overly surprised to recieve a letter from Hogwarts. They both seem more concerned about the fact that Dumbledore knows that they have been having Harry Sleep in the Cupboard under the Stairs... what are they afraid that Dumbledore will do to them? Must be something bad cause they move Harry into Dudley's second bedroom awfully quickly after the letter arrived...

Could it be important that Harry notices that the letters are addressed in green ink? What else do we know is green?

Who is writing and delivering all these letters? Kinda looks like Hagrid's handwriting instead of Dumbledore's... No mention of owls hanging around? If all these letters are being delivered by owls you think someone would notice... Why wait so long to send Hagrid to give Harry the letter in person? Enjoy torturing the Dursleys too much Dumbledore? Why? Who put the letters in the eggs? We know two brothers who have a father who is a milkman is there a connection?

Why do you think that by leaving the house the letters will stop Vernon? You already know these people are watching your every move why would this be any different if you were at #4 or somewhere else? What were you looking for exactly? You seemed to have a plan that no one could figure out...

Knowing that the day Hagrid delivered Harry's letter to him was Harry's eleventh birthday the events of this chapter are taking place around the 31st of July 1991.

The Dursley's treck to the shack in the boat resembles the trip Dumbledore and Harry will take across the lake in Voldemort's cave in HBP... any connections?

Nice timing Hagrid to show up the exact minute Harry turned 11. Why then? Was there a reason? Whose idea was that? Dumbledores?

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