Over the Rainbow

Angel: "Where's Cordelia?"

Cordelia: "Angel? - Wesley! - Mr. Green-Mojo-Guy's cousin? - HELP!!... Right. Good one, Cor. Scream very loudly so the hell beasts come to you."
* clicks her heels together three times *
Cordelia: "Worth a shot. - So. Silver lining. - It's kind of a pretty place - when you look at it: woodsy woods, sunny and mile... Giant hairy hellbeast staring at me. That's - that's incredibly frightning. Good hellbeast. You're a lazy hellbeast, aren't you? Yeas. You're gonna stay right there... while I run for my life."

Wesley: "Okay, let's approach this logically."
Angel: "Screw logic. We're getting Cordy back."

Angel: "Krv Drpglr pwlz chkwrt strplmt dwghzn prqlrzn lffrmtplzt!... What, is it - out of batteries?... Is this thing out of batteries?!"

Wesley: "There's obviously not going to be any big swirly hole jumping without a big swirly hole."

Cordelia: "Really cute - thing, you got there. Personally I've always been a real - thing lover."

Lorne: "Look, it's no secret that I hate Pylea."
Angel: "Pylea."
Lorne: "My home dimension."

Angel: "So you're saying that Pylea is a hell dimension, that Cordy is stuck in hell."
Lorne: "Oh, not literally - but it runs a close second."

Angel: "See, I was right. It was the batteries."

Cordelia: "Okay. Okay. Look. First of all - I'm a human being - not a cow. You can't just barter a human being! Second of all: one pig? One measly pig? Third of all there has been a huge misunderstanding. See, I am an American and I have rights. And right now I'd like to get right back to... That hurt!"
Vakma: "Cows aren't for talking they're for doing their job if they know what's good for them."

Lorne: "I know it's Hollywood chic going incognito and all, but this hat's really chafing my horns!"

Lorne: "Dimensional portals. Psychic hotspots. I need to find one."
Aggie: "Why?"
Lorne: "Ah, some friends of mine are going on a little trip."
Aggie: "Hm, I see. And the big flashing neon warning light in your aura means what?"
Lorne: "Eat at Joe's..."

Aggie: "I can find your hotspot, Lorne, but on one condition: you've got to go with them. It's the only way you'll ever resolve all those issues that are clouding up your aura, I can see it! - And be honest. Deep down you've always known you'd have to take that one last trip home."
Lorne: "It's the 'last' that scares me."
Aggie: "Well, sometimes the journey is taken simply because - it must be taken."

Gavin: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but your lease expires in six months and Wolfram and Hart is interested in purchasing this building."
Angel: "You got to be kidding me. You guys - couldn't get me to turn evil, so now you wanna evict me? You know, they're trying to annoy me to death."

Cordelia: "I wanna go home. I wanna be in my bed. I wanna - order some Thai food and read the latest issue of Marie Claire. I wanna be doing anything but shoveling demon horse poop!"

Cordelia: "Why don't you tell me where here is first?"
Fred: "Pylea. Keep shoveling! Geez! Another dimension. You're lost. I can tell. So many of us are lost even there. But - but it's true. I'm not crazy. Well, crazy, but I'm not wrong."

Lorne: "How you're holding up?"
Angel: "I wanna go bad. I'm just waiting for Wes to have that Eureka moment."
Wesley: "Eureka!"
Angel: "Oh, jeez. Thank god."
Lorne: "You mean he actually really says Eureka?"

Vakma: "Cursed! My cow is cursed!"

Lorne: "Here. Stop here."
Angel: "Here? Isn't this a movie studio?"
Lorne: "It makes a certain kind of sense, no?"

Angel: "So, we made it then. This is your world."
Lorne: "Oh yes. Home sweet hell."
Angel: "Ha! I'm not on fire."
Wesley: "And we're together. And we didn't merge into some frekish, four-men Siamese twin!"
Gunn: "That was a risk? How come nobody told me that was a risk?"
Angel: "Can everyone just see how much on fire I'm not on?"
Lorne: "Yeah, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood alright."

Silas: "We must discover beyond all doubt if this girl is cursed with the sight. We will commence the test."
Cordelia: "Test. But I haven't studied. - Not much with the humor, are you, guys?"

Lorne: "Just remember, keep your heads down. Xenophobia kind of a watchword wehre I'm from."
Gunn: "I don't get it. Why're they afraid of Xena? I mean, I think she's kind of fly."
Wesley: "Xenophobia. Fear of foreigners?"
Gunn: "Oh. Then can we pretend I didn't just say that?"

Lorne: "You three stay here -- we gotta keep a low profile."
Angel: "Why?"
Lorne: "Because otherwise you might get beaten to death with sticks. Be right back."

Lorne: "Constable Narwek. Lovely to see you again. So, how've you been?"
Narwek: "Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok clan, you have returned. - Why?"
Lorne: "Actually I've been asking myself that very same question."

Wesley: "No, these impenetrable stone walls are proving to be rather..."
Gunn: "You say impenetrable and I will kick your ass."

Wesley: "Angel, I hate to state the obvious, but we need to get out of here."

Angel: "They take us in separateely or together?"
Lorne: "What?"
Angel: "Separately or together. Quickly. We don't have much time."
Lorne: "I don't know! I've never been sentenced to death before - together?"

Narwek: "Prisoners! The day of judgement has arrived. Approach! The venerable monarch of Pylea, General of the Ravenous Legion, Eater of Our Enemy's Flesh, Prelate of the Sacrificial Blood Rites, and Sovereign Proconsul of Death, is prepared to pass sentence on upon you."

Cordelia: "Hi, guys."

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